Patent Drawings

A patent application or patent may contain drawings, also called patent drawings (or patent illustrations), illustrating the invention.

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of Patent Illustrations for your Patent Application

patentedPatent Drawings don’t always necessarily need to form a part of your Patent Application – but very often they provide important information that can’t easily be described in text alone – and in some countries at least one patent illustration is required.

In reality, you should consider how many patent drawings are necessary in order to demonstrate what you have invented.

Most patent applications have at least several sheets of drawings, with each sheet routinely having multiple views of the invention. You may need to show various views (top, bottom, right, left, etc.) and you may need to break down the invention and show drawings of one or more of the component parts.

The drawings must show every feature of the invention specified in the claims, and it is required by Patent Office rules to be in a particular form.


Australian Patent Application Drawings

Below is an “outline” of the main rules about patent drawings for Patent Applications in Australia (as of May 2015)

  • patent-drawing-dog-coverDrawings must commence on a separate page.
  • Images and drawings must be executed in durable, black, dense, dark, uniformly thick and well defined, lines and strokes without colouring.
  • Greyscale images should not be used as information is lost when scanning them or converting them to black and white.
  • Each drawing or figure should be numbered separately and labelled by a sign to indicate that it is a drawing (see Appendix IV).
  • Drawing pages must be numbered showing the page number and total page numbers for example 1/2, 2/2.
  • Drawings must not be included in the description, claims or abstract.
  • Drawings must not contain a frame surrounding the drawings.
  • A drawing must not include text, other than a word or words necessary to the understanding the drawing.

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