Product Design Services

Brisbane Product Design specialise in a range of product design services covering all phases of the design process and aimed at assisting business owners and inventors with the development (or redevelopment) of your product.

  • Getting Started – You have an “idea” for a fantastic product, but don’t know the next step, or need some assistance or advice on how best to move forward.
  • Product Design ServicesDrawings & Sketches – you may have sketched a concept of your idea, but want some assistance with “prettying” these up or wanting some alternative design concepts developed.
  • Intellectual Property (IP) – Protecting your idea, with Trademarks/Patents is VERY important, but can be a confusing (and sometimes expensive) process.
  • Materials & Manufacturing – We can discuss with you the types of materials available and the most appropriate manufacturing process for your product
  • 3D Product Design – Creating 3D CAD drawings for your process is a critical part of the design process… this is where your product starts to take shape and the actual dimensions and structure of your product are defined.
  • Product Prototyping – A prototype lets you get your hands on a (usually) life size “working” model of your product.
  • Product Manufacture – We can advise on (and liaise with)suitable manufacturers – both locally and overeas (usually China)
  • Product Review & Assessment – We can review your existing product and offer advice about possible improvements and enhancements.

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