Product Design Firms

There are relatively few Product Design Agencies and Freelance Product Designers based in Brisbane – here is a list of some of the better known ones.

Freelance Product Designers

the following Brisbane based freelance Product Designers work with Inventors and Australian based manufacturers and product distributors – usually on “one off” and smaller projects.

  • Design Filter – ONE STOP product design company that helps you DESIGN and DEVELOP your ideas. Based in Stafford (Brisbane), principal Product Designer, Meiling Chen, specialises in Product Design for Australian based manufacturers who don’t have their own in-house designers or design team.  Meiling’s Chinese background is also invaluable when dealing with Chinese Prototyping and Manufacturing services.

Product Design Agencies

The following Brisbane based agencies tend to work on larger projects for medium to large organisations :

  • Formzoo – a Brisbane based new product design, innovation & industrial design consultancy.
  • CMD – a leading strategic product design and innovation consultancy company based in Brisbane
  • Involve Design  – a small Industrial and Product Design consultancy in Brisbane, Australia delivering creative, experienced and fresh product solutions.