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Product Design Basics – 3D Drawing Skills

Being able to create 3D Drawings is an essential skill for 3D Designers.  At the initial concept stage, using CAD very often stifles creativity, and being able to draw a clients idea right in front of them (as part of the consultation process) is one of the quickest and easiest ways fpor a product designer to learn what the client really wants.

This resonably long (40 minute), but very informative video provides some excellent advice about why learning how to draw in 3D is so important, and provides some great advice and tips about 3D drawing techniques.

Product Design – Back to Basics

Product Design is much more than a “pretty picture”

These days, technology plays such an important part in day to day life, that many people believe that product design is all about 3D CAD drawings.

Although 3D Design, Rendering and Printing certainly play a part in the modern design process, it is the fundamentals such as modelling, hand drawing & sketching, research, and testing ideas to see if they will actually work, that seperate OK Design from Great Design.

This awesome video from provides some very sound advice for anyone starting out in product design and highlights how critical these fundamentals are to the design process :

How to Choose a Product Designer ?

Choosing the right Product Designer is a bit more complicated than finding a graphic or web designer.

Product-designerFor one thing, there are much fewer of them around… Product Design is a specialist area requiring  a lot more skills than just a “creative flare” or the ability to use 3D design software.

A Good Product Designer will also have an understanding of IP Law & Patents, Manufacturing processes (and materials) amd should also be able to provide advice about the steps involved in taking your product to th Market.

The Product Design Process has many steps and is likley to take an extended period of time…your Product Designer should be able to guide you thorugh this process – obviously assisting you with the design process, but also offering advice where relevant, and suggesting other professionals/manufactuerers you could contact for other aspects of the process where necessary.

You need someone who knows their way around sketching, 3D modeling, materials and prototyping. And can make the right choice for later manufacturing. Don’t see it as a short-term relationship. Developing the right product takes time and you have to be sure you pick the right person to do it with you.

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