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3D CAD Saves Time & Effort in the Product Design Process

3D CAD SolidworksThere are many steps between an initial product concept and a truly innovative new product, but for many the first step in the quest to produce the next big innovation is building a digital design of the product idea using 3D CAD.

Engineers, Entrepreneurs and Inventors are increasingly using 3D CAD as a critical (and early) part of the product design process, because it significantly helps with  visualizing concepts, exploring new design ideas, and simulating how a design will perform in the real world.

3D digital designs of ideas and inventions save both time and resources, since 3D CAD can be used to test product design theories and understand all of their aspects without the need for building actual prototypes.

3D digital design is increasingly being used by entrepreneurs with the need to communicate their product concepts clearly to potential investors. Whether the audience is an investment firm or a crowdfunding platform, digital designs allow stakeholders to visualize concepts and provide feedback and modification ideas.

Whether the design is a an automotive part, a commercial building, or an innovative consumer product, 3D CAD has become an early critical step of the design process.