Product Design Process

The Product Lifecylce – from Conception to Production

This page provides a simple overview of the various steps typically associated with the process of creating and developing a new product :

money-making-ideaInitial Concept

The “best” ideas are often those that come about as the result of a need.  Once you have come up with the idea for a product, you will need to have drive & determination to see it through to production.

drill-sketchSketch it Out

Draw up a rough sketch of the concept.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, accurate, or even  to scale, – just get the idea down on paper.

market researchMarket Research

Take a look at the marketplace.  Do some market research to see what similar products already exist.  What is Good about them and what is bad.  How is your product different, and how is it better… Also look at how much they cost , who buys them, and what they are made of.

planningTime for a Plan

One you have a reasonable understanding of the market you will need some advice on the practicality of the product. If you’ve not already done so, this is a good time to seek advice from a Product designer. What options you have for creating your product – what could/should it be made of.  Also time to get your sketch converted into  a proper design.

Intellectual-PropertyPatents Anyone?

Before you get too carried away – and spend too much money, it is important to seek advice form a patent attorney to :

  • Check that no-one else has already patented a similar product and
  • Ensure that your idea can be protected

 3d model‘3D Modeling

You will provide information to your Product Designer about the size, shape, and functionality of your product and they will create an initial 3D Design of your product – and then refine and tweak it until you are satisfied it meets your needs.


Your designer can assist you with the development of a prototype.  This could be a simple “non working” life size representation of your product – or a full “one off” working model, that you can use to check that your products looks and functions as you expected.

build itProduction

Once you are satisfied the design and prototype is correct – you can kick off the manufacture/production process.   Your product designer will be able to assist and advise throughout this process and help you determine the best way to have your product manufactured (and maybe also distributed and marketed).

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